Monday, 28 January 2008

I've been nominated

Wow, I can't believe it I have been nominated by Laurie over at 23BeechHill for this amazing blogger award, I'm sure I don't deserve it but apparently I have to list 7 weird things about myself.
I'm not sure that you are all ready for this but here goes...

1. I count things, I have a terrible habit of counting everything, from stairs as I walk up them to windows to items on the book case, yes everything, the funny thing is that I can never remember how many there are after!

2. According to Mr Brambleberries I cannot sing and I am completely tone deaf, now this i find really hard to believe and think secretly he is jealous of my talent and only says this in case I run off and audition for Pop Idol!!

3. I can remember every episode of CSI just from the programme synopsis, now don't ask me how I have aquired this particular talent as most days I can just about remember my own name...

4. I have a thing about coat hangers and tiolet roll facing the right way (you know toilet paper hanging on the outside and not hanging against the wall, ugh..) and get very stressed if they are not right, I have even been known to turn them round in other peoples houses.

5. Now even I know that this one is a bit strange but I like picking things (not my nose) glue off of my hand ingrowing hairs that sort of thing.

6. I Love fabric now I know that that in itself is not weird but when you don't really sew (apart from my hairclip holders and the odd hairband) then it can lend itself to a bit of a storage problem as the stash never gets any smaller, I really must have a bit of a sort out. One day!

7. I love Red Hair all different shades it reminds me of a gorgeous Autumn day, I know it's not every ones cup of tea (although that I can't understand) , I think it stems from watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers over and over again with my mum as a teenager, don't know if you've seen it but all the blokes have red hair and I think I had a crush on all of them at one stage. Needless to say Mr is a red head (or he used to be there's hardly any left now) and so is first born but alas the baby is not completely red she takes after me with a muddy water colour but all is not lost as she does have gorgeous red and blonde highlights which more than makes up for it.

It's a bit odd putting down all of your foibles in writing I now realise that Mr Brambleberries could be right and I am a bit OCD :) but shh don't tell him I said he's right, or I will never live it down, now if we had been doing 7 weird things about our husbands that would have been EASY.

According to the rules I have to nominate people too. I'll apologise now if you've already been nominated. So, here goes - Mel over at DaytoDay (her blogs fantastic) Sarah at PinkPetal (I can't get enough of her stuff) and Sara from AllaboutEden (pop along to her website and grab yourself some goodies) I would also like to say a big THANK YOU to Laurie and If I could I would nominate her again as her stuff is also amazing!

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

80 Years Young and the Orient Express!

Sorry I haven't been around much lateley (hopefully I've been missed a little bit), I had a little break after Christmas and thought that January would be really quiet but since the 5th Jan I have had orders nearly every day which has been a great start to 2008, long may it continue! most popular items by far are my hairclip holders so I have decided to include some of these in my PIF which I am planning to do within the next few weeks.

In the mean time I thought I would share some pitures of my wonderful, wonderful Grandmother (aka Nanny Rosie and my best friend) she was 80 this year (sorry last year) and we had a trip on the Orient Express to celebrate, it was a fantastic day (expensive but worth every penny) it is a day that I will remember forever, unfortunatley the photos are not great as I forgot my camera and had to buy a throw away at Victoria, oh we'll perhaps well have to go again!!

Isn't she Amazing??

Hope everyone is keeping well and a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Monday, 17 December 2007

PIF, Christmas and final Make for 2007...

I was lucky enough to be one of the first 3 people to leave a comment over at Pink Petal Designs when Sarah was doing her PIF and this is what she sent me.

This lovely little stocking went straight on the tree!

A hairband and this great covered notebook, I always have a book on the go as I constantly have ideas popping into my head all it takes sometimes is a certain colour combination, pattern or saying and I have to write it down or the moments gone and I will be sure to forget it. I will use this now in future as it is much easier on the eye that my regular books!!

To take part I had to promise to reciprocate and do a PIF of my own, look out for this in January as I will be making up a few new bits and will give them away here.

I managed to get the tree up last weekend, make a few new decorations and wrap everyones pressies (all except my kids) but I have to do that in the dead of night in case they hear the minutest of rustlings and I get rumbled. I feel like I'm on some secret mission which gets more and more difficult each year, James Bonds got nothing on us mums....

Those little trees were so easy to make, I now want to make hundreds of them : )

I only have one present left to make, a door plaque for my niece, they moved into a new house a few months ago and I have held off giving them new bits for their bedrooms as I have saved that for Christmas. Then it's REST, REST,REST....


Friday, 7 December 2007

Last but one....

Just sent the last but one batch of orders out (a few pics below), I only have one more batch to go and these should be finished at the week-end. I can actually breathe a sigh of relief as I was feeling a bit overwhelmed for a little while but I think that I will be able to have a few days rest before I have to start my Christmas preperations!

I still have a few gifts to make (mainly hairclip holders) , I have been making my FABRIC HAIRCLIP HOLDERS for a couple of years now and have made over 70 this Christmas (they are proving to be as popular as my wooden ones) each one is slightly different as I try not to make two with the same fabric or ribbon combination (unless you ask very nicely) and a couple of SANTA SIGNS for some friends little ones.

Some rum balls (minus the rum) for the Nursery Teachers (I got this great little recipe from Mel over at Day to Day) we have already made a batch (well we had to test them) and they come highly recommended.

The tree is going up this Sunday, I'm not sure who is more excited me or the kids... once the house is decorated it will start to feel like Christmas....

Sorry pictures were taken on the mobile as the camera's battery was out!!

Friday, 23 November 2007

Slugs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails..........

That's what little boys are made of, although in my experience little boys are mostly made of marshmellows and cuddle's and little girls are not always made of sugar and spice but can be, on the odd occassion made of spitfire and prickles.... (as I found out at bedtime last night).

Anyhow we made up this morning and had a lovely time sticking and making (any excuse not to do the housework) and little squigly came up with a lovely christmas box and 2 christmas cards all by herself (I can only find one of them now), well apart from covering the box in brown paper, obviously I did that bit.... but I think for a 3 year old she didn't do half bad... a natural crafter, I'm so proud... she's asked for a sewing machine for christmas but as I'm quite partial to a little nibble of those lovely fingers I think the sewing machine will have to wait a few years, I don't fancy any little pinkies sewn on to anything!!

But back to the BOYS, I thought it was about time I gave them a bit of a mention on my blog and show you some of my recent orders.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Pink, Pink and more Pink....

I have had so many orders this last three weeks that I am begining to wonder why I ever picked up a paint brush, it all started with a few wooden ikea boxes many many moons ago, you know the ones with the little drawers... anyway I was saying to Sarah over at Pink-Petal-Designs that as much as I love my craft I wish someone would order something in any other colour but pink, actually she wasn't very helpful as she confessed that she would probably order pink also, well I suppose she would with a name like that...

Anyway I said to my little one (3.9 yrs) on Sunday lets make something (the cardboard boxes on the kitchen window sill were driving me nuts!) she said I want to make a robot and I want to paint it, yes you guessed it PINK... photo's of that to follow it has been taken off to bed everynight since, I fear it may not be long for this world as it doesn't fair well squashed between a 3yr old and 74 teddies!!

Anyway take a peek at a few of my latest orders (I have made a few other colours, especially for the boys as pink may not go down to well)

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Work in Progress

I have been painting like a mad woman (well madder than usual)

I have a monthly stall at a Farmers Market in Wheathampstead and as well as completing my regular orders I have been making a few extra bits to take with me to sell on the day. Hopefully I will still get orders for custom made personalised items, but not too many as I am getting busier and busier with orders from the 3 sites I sell on and from existing customers as well.

I have made a few Christmas signs these usually go well each year and a few little girls and boys plaques that are ideal stocking fillers. If anyone wants one please let me know otherwise they will be off to Market on Sunday.