Friday, 23 November 2007

Slugs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails..........

That's what little boys are made of, although in my experience little boys are mostly made of marshmellows and cuddle's and little girls are not always made of sugar and spice but can be, on the odd occassion made of spitfire and prickles.... (as I found out at bedtime last night).

Anyhow we made up this morning and had a lovely time sticking and making (any excuse not to do the housework) and little squigly came up with a lovely christmas box and 2 christmas cards all by herself (I can only find one of them now), well apart from covering the box in brown paper, obviously I did that bit.... but I think for a 3 year old she didn't do half bad... a natural crafter, I'm so proud... she's asked for a sewing machine for christmas but as I'm quite partial to a little nibble of those lovely fingers I think the sewing machine will have to wait a few years, I don't fancy any little pinkies sewn on to anything!!

But back to the BOYS, I thought it was about time I gave them a bit of a mention on my blog and show you some of my recent orders.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Pink, Pink and more Pink....

I have had so many orders this last three weeks that I am begining to wonder why I ever picked up a paint brush, it all started with a few wooden ikea boxes many many moons ago, you know the ones with the little drawers... anyway I was saying to Sarah over at Pink-Petal-Designs that as much as I love my craft I wish someone would order something in any other colour but pink, actually she wasn't very helpful as she confessed that she would probably order pink also, well I suppose she would with a name like that...

Anyway I said to my little one (3.9 yrs) on Sunday lets make something (the cardboard boxes on the kitchen window sill were driving me nuts!) she said I want to make a robot and I want to paint it, yes you guessed it PINK... photo's of that to follow it has been taken off to bed everynight since, I fear it may not be long for this world as it doesn't fair well squashed between a 3yr old and 74 teddies!!

Anyway take a peek at a few of my latest orders (I have made a few other colours, especially for the boys as pink may not go down to well)