Monday, 17 December 2007

PIF, Christmas and final Make for 2007...

I was lucky enough to be one of the first 3 people to leave a comment over at Pink Petal Designs when Sarah was doing her PIF and this is what she sent me.

This lovely little stocking went straight on the tree!

A hairband and this great covered notebook, I always have a book on the go as I constantly have ideas popping into my head all it takes sometimes is a certain colour combination, pattern or saying and I have to write it down or the moments gone and I will be sure to forget it. I will use this now in future as it is much easier on the eye that my regular books!!

To take part I had to promise to reciprocate and do a PIF of my own, look out for this in January as I will be making up a few new bits and will give them away here.

I managed to get the tree up last weekend, make a few new decorations and wrap everyones pressies (all except my kids) but I have to do that in the dead of night in case they hear the minutest of rustlings and I get rumbled. I feel like I'm on some secret mission which gets more and more difficult each year, James Bonds got nothing on us mums....

Those little trees were so easy to make, I now want to make hundreds of them : )

I only have one present left to make, a door plaque for my niece, they moved into a new house a few months ago and I have held off giving them new bits for their bedrooms as I have saved that for Christmas. Then it's REST, REST,REST....


Friday, 7 December 2007

Last but one....

Just sent the last but one batch of orders out (a few pics below), I only have one more batch to go and these should be finished at the week-end. I can actually breathe a sigh of relief as I was feeling a bit overwhelmed for a little while but I think that I will be able to have a few days rest before I have to start my Christmas preperations!

I still have a few gifts to make (mainly hairclip holders) , I have been making my FABRIC HAIRCLIP HOLDERS for a couple of years now and have made over 70 this Christmas (they are proving to be as popular as my wooden ones) each one is slightly different as I try not to make two with the same fabric or ribbon combination (unless you ask very nicely) and a couple of SANTA SIGNS for some friends little ones.

Some rum balls (minus the rum) for the Nursery Teachers (I got this great little recipe from Mel over at Day to Day) we have already made a batch (well we had to test them) and they come highly recommended.

The tree is going up this Sunday, I'm not sure who is more excited me or the kids... once the house is decorated it will start to feel like Christmas....

Sorry pictures were taken on the mobile as the camera's battery was out!!