Friday, 7 December 2007

Last but one....

Just sent the last but one batch of orders out (a few pics below), I only have one more batch to go and these should be finished at the week-end. I can actually breathe a sigh of relief as I was feeling a bit overwhelmed for a little while but I think that I will be able to have a few days rest before I have to start my Christmas preperations!

I still have a few gifts to make (mainly hairclip holders) , I have been making my FABRIC HAIRCLIP HOLDERS for a couple of years now and have made over 70 this Christmas (they are proving to be as popular as my wooden ones) each one is slightly different as I try not to make two with the same fabric or ribbon combination (unless you ask very nicely) and a couple of SANTA SIGNS for some friends little ones.

Some rum balls (minus the rum) for the Nursery Teachers (I got this great little recipe from Mel over at Day to Day) we have already made a batch (well we had to test them) and they come highly recommended.

The tree is going up this Sunday, I'm not sure who is more excited me or the kids... once the house is decorated it will start to feel like Christmas....

Sorry pictures were taken on the mobile as the camera's battery was out!!


David and Melissa said...

I so love the hairclip board holder- I so have to make some for my girls and myself!!
Melissa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

pink-petal-designs said...

Great pics, i glad you are almost finished with your orders and you can now realx a little, just a little.Enjoy putting your tree up.
Sarah x

Jodie said...

You are going to be needing a rest soon - you manage to fit in so much.

acorn and will said...

Hi Angela, those hairclip holders are such a great idea, very cute! Thank you for your comment about Cabbages and Frocks, we will be there again next Saturday if you have time to pop along. To be frank I have reservations about it, it's unlikely we will participate again next year, but happy to give you further information if you would like to contact me via the e-mail on the blogshop! Jennifer

Claire said...

The hairclip holder is so cute - I will have to wait until my new neice is a little older (she's 2 months)to buy her some lovely bits she can appreciate (and see underneath the pile of stuff she has already been given!)

Lovely blog by the way x

Cathy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the things you've made - they are gorgeous. I would probably have to go for pink too as my girls are pink mad, but it is all lovely.
Cathy XX

Levin (and Emily) said...

you have been so busy - i'm ashamed of how much I have achieved in the last few weeks! On a positive note, I have managed to spend lots of time stressing so that I can't sleep at night! Good to know my time isn't wasted - lol
Hope you are in relaxing mode now so and that the coming festive season is fun for you and your family!

vintage twist said...

Your mobile takes good pictures! Looks like you've been really busy with the run up to Christmas, I'm sure everyone will be delighted with their gifts.