Monday, 28 January 2008

I've been nominated

Wow, I can't believe it I have been nominated by Laurie over at 23BeechHill for this amazing blogger award, I'm sure I don't deserve it but apparently I have to list 7 weird things about myself.
I'm not sure that you are all ready for this but here goes...

1. I count things, I have a terrible habit of counting everything, from stairs as I walk up them to windows to items on the book case, yes everything, the funny thing is that I can never remember how many there are after!

2. According to Mr Brambleberries I cannot sing and I am completely tone deaf, now this i find really hard to believe and think secretly he is jealous of my talent and only says this in case I run off and audition for Pop Idol!!

3. I can remember every episode of CSI just from the programme synopsis, now don't ask me how I have aquired this particular talent as most days I can just about remember my own name...

4. I have a thing about coat hangers and tiolet roll facing the right way (you know toilet paper hanging on the outside and not hanging against the wall, ugh..) and get very stressed if they are not right, I have even been known to turn them round in other peoples houses.

5. Now even I know that this one is a bit strange but I like picking things (not my nose) glue off of my hand ingrowing hairs that sort of thing.

6. I Love fabric now I know that that in itself is not weird but when you don't really sew (apart from my hairclip holders and the odd hairband) then it can lend itself to a bit of a storage problem as the stash never gets any smaller, I really must have a bit of a sort out. One day!

7. I love Red Hair all different shades it reminds me of a gorgeous Autumn day, I know it's not every ones cup of tea (although that I can't understand) , I think it stems from watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers over and over again with my mum as a teenager, don't know if you've seen it but all the blokes have red hair and I think I had a crush on all of them at one stage. Needless to say Mr is a red head (or he used to be there's hardly any left now) and so is first born but alas the baby is not completely red she takes after me with a muddy water colour but all is not lost as she does have gorgeous red and blonde highlights which more than makes up for it.

It's a bit odd putting down all of your foibles in writing I now realise that Mr Brambleberries could be right and I am a bit OCD :) but shh don't tell him I said he's right, or I will never live it down, now if we had been doing 7 weird things about our husbands that would have been EASY.

According to the rules I have to nominate people too. I'll apologise now if you've already been nominated. So, here goes - Mel over at DaytoDay (her blogs fantastic) Sarah at PinkPetal (I can't get enough of her stuff) and Sara from AllaboutEden (pop along to her website and grab yourself some goodies) I would also like to say a big THANK YOU to Laurie and If I could I would nominate her again as her stuff is also amazing!

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

80 Years Young and the Orient Express!

Sorry I haven't been around much lateley (hopefully I've been missed a little bit), I had a little break after Christmas and thought that January would be really quiet but since the 5th Jan I have had orders nearly every day which has been a great start to 2008, long may it continue! most popular items by far are my hairclip holders so I have decided to include some of these in my PIF which I am planning to do within the next few weeks.

In the mean time I thought I would share some pitures of my wonderful, wonderful Grandmother (aka Nanny Rosie and my best friend) she was 80 this year (sorry last year) and we had a trip on the Orient Express to celebrate, it was a fantastic day (expensive but worth every penny) it is a day that I will remember forever, unfortunatley the photos are not great as I forgot my camera and had to buy a throw away at Victoria, oh we'll perhaps well have to go again!!

Isn't she Amazing??

Hope everyone is keeping well and a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR!